Welcome to Uplyft

Uplyft is a marketing and fundraising network that strives to see local businesses Moving Up, while ensuring those in need are Moving Forward. Our members include only the best local businesses, each of whom were the first in their industry to step forward and commit to Uplyft-ing their communities by continued quality business practices and by giving back to those who are the most in need. Help us Uplyft your community by supporting the member businesses in your area, and follow us to see the inspirational stories of those we are able to serve. Select your city below!


This is Uplyft's home base and where everything began! Lincoln is a great mid-west town and the proud home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Lincoln boasts both the historic Haymarket and Havelock areas, which offer great day and night time shopping and entertainment, but is also a growing and thriving town with several newly developed areas and fun attractions of all kinds.


Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska and boasts a thriving economy as the headquarters of 5 Fortune 1000 companies, on top of being the home of several Fortune 500 companies. We are excited to begin welcoming Omaha businesses into our network and look forward to exploring all the business possibilities this city has to offer!